Your Guide - Andrew Stoddart

Your Guide - Andy Stoddart

Your Guide

Your guide will be Andy Stoddart. Andy has been birdwatching avidly for over forty years, resident in Norfolk for over thirty, and is a highly proficient and experienced birder. He is a committed local ‘patch worker’ and has built up an intimate knowledge of the area and its birds, particularly those of Blakeney Point. He has also travelled extensively in the UK, Europe, North America, North Africa, the Middle East and Central and East Asia.

He has found and identified many rare birds including England’s first Masked Shrike and Norfolk’s first Moltoni’s Warbler and Pacific Golden Plover. Rare birds found on our tours include White-tailed Eagle and Iberian Chiffchaff!

He is a member of the British Ornithologists’ Union Records Committee, Vice Chair of the British Birds Rarities Committee, Editor of the Norfolk Bird Report, a member of the Norfolk Records Committee and an identification consultant to ‘Birdwatch’ magazine.

He has written four books on ornithological and environmental history and is a regular contributor of papers, articles and book reviews to the birdwatching press and websites.

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