Blakeney Point - the ultimate north Norfolk birding challenge

Blakeney Point - the ultimate North Norfolk birding challenge

Our Tours

Tours typically start at 0930 at an agreed location, for example a nature reserve car park. Your guide will meet you, answer any questions and give you a short briefing on the day or half-day ahead, highlighting the intended route, any health and safety issues and the birds we will be looking for. We will of course take full note of tides, weather conditions and local bird news to help maximise the day’s opportunities.

The walking will be at a comfortable pace (with frequent stops of course to enjoy the birds!) and the distance covered will usually be short or moderate (though longer walks are fine too if you prefer!). We will stop somewhere suitable at lunchtime (around 1230) for you to eat your own packed lunch and, if on a full-day tour, the day will typically finish at around 1600.

Tours are normally built around itineraries of approximately three hours duration, thereby enabling us to offer a half-day tour or a combination of two to make, with lunch, a full day.

Earlier or later starts or finishes are of course available to make the most of some opportunities (for example roosting raptors and geese or evening Nightjars). Just ask for what you’d like and we will advise.

Tours will normally have a maximum of four clients plus the guide. This ensures that your requirements can be met as closely as possible and that we give you our full personal attention throughout the tour. For our bookings and tour-filling policy please see ‘Fees, Terms and Conditions’. Single bookings for larger groups may be made by special request – please ask for details.

Transport to and from the agreed meeting location, car parking fees, any reserve entrance fees, and food and drink are not included in the quoted price. Any car travel required during the day will be by prior arrangement. Our preference is to use the client’s car or arrange a further meeting point but transport may be available by arrangement – please ask for details.

Clients should bring a pair of binoculars (and a telescope and tripod if you have one). Your guide will have a single tripod-mounted telescope available for your use at all times.

Clients should also bring their own packed lunches as we will not necessarily be in easy reach of food during the day. Clients should take responsibility for dressing appropriately. This normally means stout footwear and carrying or wearing warm and waterproof clothing according to the conditions. In summer, a hat, sunscreen and water will be needed. Clients should also be aware that, depending on the location, we will not necessarily be in easy reach of public toilets during the tour.

The tours are generally physically undemanding but will involve walking short or moderate distances over uneven, unpaved or muddy terrain. We will of course tailor itineraries to meet your needs. If you have any specific mobility or other health issues please let us know.

We can particularly recommend tours based around the following locations, singly or in combination. Please remember though that this list is far from exhaustive and that some locations are better suited to certain times of year than others. Please ask for full details on any of these (or other) locations when submitting a booking request :-

Each of these locations lends itself to a tour of approximately three hours duration, with between 1 and 3 miles of walking, with the exception of Blakeney Point which requires a full day and 7 miles, much of it over shingle!